Rethink “Stress”

Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?
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When we think of stress,

negative emotions instantly start to flow. Stress has had a bad reputation and it is reflected through our emotions towards the word and even on the internet! When “stress” is put through Google search the first few web pages that show are “common signs and symptoms of stress”, “The harmful effects of stress”, and “Difference between stress and depression”. So this goes to show that even the media shows stress negatively. Personally I have seen the word stress is used for many different feelings such as if one has a lot to do before a deadline they may feel overwhelmed, but instead, use the word stressed, or when a person is upset or angry they use the word stressed to describe how they may be feeling. But is “stress” really that bad?

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In the TED talk hosted by Kelly McGonigal, she talks about stress and how to make stress your friend! McGingial is a health psychologist and she states that she has been teaching people that stress will make you sick from the common cold to cardiovascular disease. Over the years we have “turned stress into the enemy”.  However there are studies that show if you believe stress is bad for you then it will be.

According to the Healthline editorial team, there are three types of stress…

1. Acute stress

Acute stress, also known as short-term stress is what we want to focus on because short-term stress can actually boost your immune system, make you more social, improve learning—and it may, in fact, improve memory. Acute stress is also your body’s immediate reaction to a new challenge, event, or demand, and it triggers your fight-or-flight response!

2. Episodic acute stress

Episodic acute stress is when acute stress happens frequently. People who struggle with episodic acute stress “are often short-tempered, irritable, and anxious. People who are “worry warts” or pessimistic or who tend to see the negative side of everything also tend to have episodic acute stress.”

3. Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is the most worry some of all types of stress. This form of stress is constant and doesn’t go away and stems from situations that are constant such as

  • unhappy marriage problems
  • issues/ content problems within a family
  • poverty/money issues
  • “bad” job

Although we may not be able to change some of these aspects, we can change our attitudes towards stress into positive ones to achieve a greater amount of happiness in our daily lives! Chronic stress can also be detrimental to your health, as it can contribute to several serious diseases or health risks, such as:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • lung disease
  • accidents
  • cirrhosis of the liver
  • suicide

Here are some tricks and tips to help you manage forms of stress!

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise or go for a quick walk
  • “me” time; take a few moments to enjoy something you love to do!
  • create a reward system for the workload
  • Catnap; napping calms the mind and body or just a short period of time
  • Treats and sweets; splurge a little with your favorite sweets
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So please wash away your negative perspective to all types of stress and feel free to test these methods to subside your temporary stress and let’s stay positive! Also, keep in mind that stress is not always bad, it can actually be good for the human body just like positivity and happiness!


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Why Music Makes Me Happy!

Everyone has that one thing that makes them insanely happy whether it’s sports, shopping, dogs, cats, etc. The possibilities are endless!


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When asked this question myself I didn’t hesitate with my answer because ever since I could remember that one thing that always makes me happy is music, especially listening to my favorite band, All Time Low.


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According to listening to music that moves you can cause the brain to release dopamine, which is a chemical in the brain that is involved in both motivation and addiction.


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I may not know how to play an instrument or sing well at all (which doesn’t stop me from jamming out to my favorite song in the car), but it doesn’t stop me from loving music in my own way. I show my love for music and how it brings me happiness in many ways from creating specific playlists for different moods I may have, going to concerts, taking photos at concerts, etc.


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Music has helped me through my most stressful and anxious moments in life by being that one thing to calm me down and bring a smile to my face. For example; when my dad was deployed for a second time I really struggled with the stress of him being overseas, but when I would listen to All Time Low’s music it really helped me calm down and make me happy!

Does music make you happy and if so why? Or do you have something else that makes you insanely happy? Share with us!

-Brittany 🙂

11 Bad Habits You Can Break to be Happy Today

    Have you ever had the feeling that you are doing everything you can think of to make your life more positive? As human beings we make life choices every day in regards to how we want to live our lives. These choices reflect in our current and future selves.There may be times you feel as if you’re in a rut and there is no way to change the way you are living. Sometimes you just take your feelings for what they are because that’s what you have been accustomed to feel. But everyday is a new day and change can start any month, any week, any day, at any time. The time that is right for you.

    There are eleven habits that you can break to start “destressing” and beginning to move your life to the positive happy life you want to live!

  1. Worrying about, everything.
    • Worrying takes the fun and happiness out of everything. Take a breather, expect the situations you are in. Then think to yourself what can you do to make the situation better?
  2. People pleasing
    • There is only one person  in this world that you need to please and that is yourself before anyone else! Before saying yes just to make someone else happy first think to yourself: Is this going to overwhelm me? Do I have time? Is this going to be a burden? You have to learn to say no once in awhile and take care of yourself!
  3. Procrastinating
    • Procrastination is one of the biggest burdens that you can make yourself feel. It does nothing positive for your life besides stress you out. Do not let your mind think about procrastinating. Think to yourself, No, because you know it doesn’t turn out well when you do so.
  4. Living in the past
    • Nothing good comes out of living in the past. The past has happened and is now gone and there is nothing you can do to change it. If you are stuck in the past you have to deal with those problems to be able to move forward and live in the present and think about what you can do for your future!
  5. Always looking past the present moment and anticipating the next
    • When you are anticipating the next moment in your live so much you are missing out on present moments in your life.
  6. Judging others
    • No one is better than anyone else. Simply when you judge someone else it is harming the way you think and feel. Understand that the human race is one and attempt to act unified.
  7. Comparing your story to everyone else’s
    • Comparing yourself to others is something that almost everyone has done before. But, everyone is unique and has unique qualities about themselves and you have to embrace those qualities and stop thinking about the qualities you wish you may had.
  8. Shame
    • We have all made a mistake in our lives at some point. Living in shame is deep and harmful. Attempt to move past the shame. Once you move past it you will be able to start beginning to focus your mind on happier times.
  9. Disorganization and laziness
    • Do you think that there is not enough time in the day? Start thinking there is enough time in the day! Laziness often leads to many hours of disorganization being wasted. Being organized seems to be a hard thing for some people. But the more organized you are the more productive you will become because you won’t be wasting time trying to figure it out.
  10. The fear of everything
    • Sometimes having a fears in life often hold us back from moving forward and challenging ourselves. There can be many fears someone has such as: The fear of the unknown or the fear of failing. But you never know unless you try! Put the fears aside and try something outside of your comfort zone!
  11. The need to be busy.
    • Breathe! We are human, we need to sleep at some point. A habit that most have may include trying to be busy all the times. This can be for many reasons such as to lose focus of other things in life. Doing too much can increase the stress level one has. Learn to focus on the little things, take care of yourself and relax sometimes.

Always remember, happiness starts with… You! And you CAN begin to be happy today just start breaking the bad habits one habit at a time.

8 Ways To Spread Happiness Around You

Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to do more in this world than just live? Had big ideas to start a charity organization or try and ‘go green’? Wanting to do whatever you can to make a difference but not knowing where to start? Of course there seems to be many excuses as to why you can’t do it- but it’s all a myth!

When you put life in perspective, you realize that all you really have is the present- and you better make it count! So how exactly do you make everyday count? Throw away all your fears and just be happy! Imagine the impact you’ll have by just spreading happiness with your friends, family, peers and even strangers on the street.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, let me help!

  1. Be kind toward yourself.
    • You can’t give what you don’t have! Do whatever it is you love and just enjoy.
  2. Small surprises.
    • This could be anything from favorite snacks to hugs or even just a compliment!
  3. Help.
    • Doesn’t matter who it is- always give a helping hand.
  4. Smile.
    • Such a small and easy thing to do, but means so much! Warning- smiles are contagious!
  5. Listen.
    • Giving your full attention to someone can mean so much to someone and make them so happy.
  6. Have good thoughts.
    • Thoughts turn into words and actions, choose them wisely!
  7. Speak positively about someone or something.
    • Always be genuine, it not only makes you feel good but adds a smile to everyone’s face! It’s so awesome spreading positive messages and encourages others to do the same.
  8. Learn.
    • Learn something new and teach it to others! It can be anything!

Remember, happiness starts with one person. YOU!

2 minutes to change the day


Don’t underestimate the power of a hug.

In good and challenging times, we can center ourselves and empower ourselves.  The challenge HappyIn21 is not only a way to gain happiness, it is a chance to own your own self.  When you create peace of mind and joy from the inside, managing external life events becomes easier.

Your life situation doesn’t change, but for some reason you are a person that folks describe as happy and joyful.  Does being happy create a great life or does a great life create happiness?

Watch the Ted Talk… start the challenge…be the person people describe as happy.





The path may be crowded with trees and leaves…. but still you get to have a voice in the path when you vote.

Admist the election there is much emotion.  How to center yourself?  How to energize yourself?  Start the HappyIn21 challenge.  Whichever path you travel, wouldn’t it be better to travel the path with a sense of inner peace, inner happiness.  You need only vote for yourself!  Take matters into your own hands, own your own inner joy.  Sounds like utopia?  It isn’t – many have spent 21 days doing 5 simple things…. and their utopia became their reality.

We can’t always influence and control our outside world… but you CAN control and influence your inside world.  And when your inside world is joy… the rest looks pretty bright.

Two thing to do on November 8th… VOTE and start the HappyIn21Challenge!!!  I completed the challenge and on Nov 8th I am voting… and I am the poster child of a happy person :).

Smiling… not a bad way to go through life

swanlakeDuring a tough day, I remember this scene, and I calm. After taking the HappyIn21 challenge, I automatically recall these pleasant memories.  Sometimes just standing waiting for subway or waiting in line for lunch…. I smile remembering my “good thing for the day” from the previous day.

Some mornings it is tough to get going, get the dog out and get walking or running.  But now I start with thinking of why I am grateful and pretty soon I am full of energy.

After I completed the challenge, I thought the ‘habit’ wouldn’t stick… BUT IT DID.

Want to have random people ask you why you are smiling, why you are seemingly always happy and peace of mind…… Watch the Ted Talk video… take the challenge!!

Smiling is not a bad way to go through life!