Happiness Starts With One Person… YOU!

It’s true. Happiness starts with one person… YOU!

We all have good days and we all have bad days. We all laugh and we all cry. After all, we’re all human. We also all have it within ourselves to have more good days than bad days, and to laugh more than cry. We’re all the drivers of our own happiness, as long as we choose to be.

Here are 3 simple ways to help you put yourself and your happiness first, as observed from what has worked for me and people I know.

1) Identify What Makes You Happy
What makes you happy? Identify itIs it a nice cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Write it down. Your favorite food or TV show? A hobby, your career? Write multiple things down. It’s so important to know what makes you happy as an individual, without anyone else’s influence.

2) Do More of What Makes You Happy
What would you describe as the perfect day? Go do it. Have the perfect day; with yourself. Do as many things that make you a happy individual as you can. Read your favorite book or watch your favorite show. Cook your favorite meal or go to your favorite coffee shop. Get some exercise or go for a drive. If it makes you happy, just do it. Make time for these activities as often as you can. Do it for yourself, without worrying what anyone else thinks.

3) Spread Happiness
Happiness is contagious. When you’re happy, it’s more likely that the people around you will be happy, too. More importantly, it’s important to remember to try and stay positive, even when the people around you are not. If you’re happy with yourself, it’s a lot harder for other people to bring you down. It’s okay to be selfish when it comes to finding your happiness, as long as you share it with others and inspire them to choose their own happiness, too. .

Ending the Day Happy!

  1. Make your bed

Start off your night right by making your bed so that once you are ready to hop in, it’s all cozy and comfy for you! I for one love getting my bed all made and all my pillows organized so that once it is finally time to jump in, I can just take a running start and jump in there. Maybe even spray some scents or light a candle to help give your room a nice aroma as you get into bed, just make sure to blow it out before you fall asleep!

  1. Put your comfy clothes on!

Time to throw on your most comfy and cozy clothes! Whether it is a huge sweatshirt, some big comfy pants, or just a nice light t-shirt and shorts, throw those comfy clothes on! Pajama time is one of my favorite times of day because you can lose the less comfy work clothes and put on the comfiest clothes you have in your collection!

  1. Wash up

My second favorite thing to do as part of my nightly routine is to wash up! Whether I am taking a nice quick shower to clean up and cool off, or washing my face with a nice face wash it is always so refreshing! My favorite way to end the night! Get yourself all cleaned up and get ready to hop in that nicely made bed of yours!

  1. Do some reading/Watch something

A great way to wind down at the end of a busy day is to do some light reading or to watch a nice show before heading to sleep! Activities like this are great for clearing your head and helping you calm down after maybe a busy day! I personally love to watch a nice episode of a favorite show on Netflix, or read a nice article or magazine that peaks my fancy!

2 minutes to change the day


Don’t underestimate the power of a hug.

In good and challenging times, we can center ourselves and empower ourselves.  The challenge HappyIn21 is not only a way to gain happiness, it is a chance to own your own self.  When you create peace of mind and joy from the inside, managing external life events becomes easier.

Your life situation doesn’t change, but for some reason you are a person that folks describe as happy and joyful.  Does being happy create a great life or does a great life create happiness?

Watch the Ted Talk… start the challenge…be the person people describe as happy.





The path may be crowded with trees and leaves…. but still you get to have a voice in the path when you vote.

Admist the election there is much emotion.  How to center yourself?  How to energize yourself?  Start the HappyIn21 challenge.  Whichever path you travel, wouldn’t it be better to travel the path with a sense of inner peace, inner happiness.  You need only vote for yourself!  Take matters into your own hands, own your own inner joy.  Sounds like utopia?  It isn’t – many have spent 21 days doing 5 simple things…. and their utopia became their reality.

We can’t always influence and control our outside world… but you CAN control and influence your inside world.  And when your inside world is joy… the rest looks pretty bright.

Two thing to do on November 8th… VOTE and start the HappyIn21Challenge!!!  I completed the challenge and on Nov 8th I am voting… and I am the poster child of a happy person :).

Smiling… not a bad way to go through life

swanlakeDuring a tough day, I remember this scene, and I calm. After taking the HappyIn21 challenge, I automatically recall these pleasant memories.  Sometimes just standing waiting for subway or waiting in line for lunch…. I smile remembering my “good thing for the day” from the previous day.

Some mornings it is tough to get going, get the dog out and get walking or running.  But now I start with thinking of why I am grateful and pretty soon I am full of energy.

After I completed the challenge, I thought the ‘habit’ wouldn’t stick… BUT IT DID.

Want to have random people ask you why you are smiling, why you are seemingly always happy and peace of mind…… Watch the Ted Talk video… take the challenge!!

Smiling is not a bad way to go through life!

What is your light?


On my ride this weekend, I came about this tranquil scene.  I had to go through the tunnel, which on a horse can be a bit scary.  The beauty that awaited me, motivated me to take the risk.  Beauty, happiness, joy you control… it is worth a risk.

Some tunnels are short, some are long…. whichever they are… trust there is a light.  How can you know there is a light…. you make it.  With HappyIn21 challenge, you have the power to make your light.  You own it, you control it… you make it.

Take the challenge and share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this website – tell us #H21Challenge what day you are on.

Watch the video on Ted Talks…. Take the Challenge… it is easy and life changing.

H21Challenge – day 19!!!!!!

Cost of 530 minutes – 8.8 hours


How much is your time worth… $20/hour… $60/hour…$120/hour.  How much would you pay a counselor, a trainer, a spiritual advisor, a nutrionist….. more than you hourly wage * 8.8?

How much is happiness worth?  A new car…. $30,000; a new home… $300,000; a new motorcyle, bike, camera, boat, painting, …  it all has a price tag.  And how long does the happiness last.. a moment, a day, a week, a month??

What if you could spend 8.8 hours spread out over 21 days…  and the results would form the base for a happiness that last…… forever???

Take the 21 day challenge – read about it on this website, watch the Shawn Achor video.  A lifetime of happiness… priceless.