Ending the Day Happy!

  1. Make your bed

Start off your night right by making your bed so that once you are ready to hop in, it’s all cozy and comfy for you! I for one love getting my bed all made and all my pillows organized so that once it is finally time to jump in, I can just take a running start and jump in there. Maybe even spray some scents or light a candle to help give your room a nice aroma as you get into bed, just make sure to blow it out before you fall asleep!

  1. Put your comfy clothes on!

Time to throw on your most comfy and cozy clothes! Whether it is a huge sweatshirt, some big comfy pants, or just a nice light t-shirt and shorts, throw those comfy clothes on! Pajama time is one of my favorite times of day because you can lose the less comfy work clothes and put on the comfiest clothes you have in your collection!

  1. Wash up

My second favorite thing to do as part of my nightly routine is to wash up! Whether I am taking a nice quick shower to clean up and cool off, or washing my face with a nice face wash it is always so refreshing! My favorite way to end the night! Get yourself all cleaned up and get ready to hop in that nicely made bed of yours!

  1. Do some reading/Watch something

A great way to wind down at the end of a busy day is to do some light reading or to watch a nice show before heading to sleep! Activities like this are great for clearing your head and helping you calm down after maybe a busy day! I personally love to watch a nice episode of a favorite show on Netflix, or read a nice article or magazine that peaks my fancy!