Start the Day off Right; With Happiness

Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it kick starts your day, and allows you to set the stage for healthy eating, and feeling well throughout. So, if that is true, who’s to say that the morning isn’t the most important time of the day for your own happiness? Starting your day off in a positive, upbeat way, both physically and mentally, must be good for your happiness through the day. It helps to set the stage of how you are going to navigate your day, deal with situations, and most importantly ensure your own wellbeing. How you start your day can drastically affect the rest of it, so why not take the first step to a better day? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we have you covered.



Here are 10 ways to start your day off on the right foot.


  1. Get a good night’s sleep. This first step starts before the morning even rolls around. Getting to bed at a reasonable time will allow you to wake up feeling rested, and rejuvenated. This helps increase your energy, and mood throughout your day, thus contributing to a positive attitude, and a happy day.
  2. Wake up earlier than usual. On days that I know will be busy, I always make up thirty minutes earlier than I usually would. This helps to allow time to wake up, and prepare for what is to come. Additionally, waking up early allows you to reduce the stress of your daily routine, allowing for more time to get things done.
  3. Don’t immediately get out of bed. Waking up and jumping out of bed can save you a few minutes, but try this instead. When you wake up, give yourself a minute to collect yourself. Think about that awesome dream you had, and reflect upon what your day will hold. The key to this tip is to try and envision everything that you look forward to during the upcoming day. This fills your head with positive, happy thoughts, that will keep you going from morning to night.
  4. Breakfast. Remember how I said breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well it turns out, eating a healthy, and hearty breakfast will help you through your day. Studies show that skipping breakfast can lead to a lack of productivity, mood swings, and even hinder memory.
  5. Let go of yesterday. While you’re getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and drinking your coffee, are you still pondering upon something bad that happened yesterday? If so, don’t. Today is a new day. Yesterday is in the past, and so are the negativities of that day. You have 24 hours to make a change in your life, don’t let yesterday’s difficulties hinder todays progress.
  6. Find a quote. May people agree with the fact that quotes are a great way to find inspiration. If you’re lacking inspiration to get your day started, search google for some inspirational quotes. There are millions out there, and eventually, you will stumble upon one that gets you going in the right direction.
  7. Get moving. I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this. Before you hop in the shower, take a few minutes to exercise. Whether it’s some light stretching, a quick run, or a set of pushups, getting the blood flowing will boost your energy, and your attitude.
  8. Listen to music. Listening to your favorite song is a great way to increase your mood in the morning. Sing it in the shower, or sing it in the car, either way works. Not sure what songs to listen to? We have you covered with 20 great songs to start your morning off right.
  9. Take a look at yourself. Before you leave the house to start your day, take a long look at yourself in the mirror. Smile at yourself, say something positive about yourself. This will help you create a pathway to feeling good about yourself, and will help improve your mood throughout your day.
  10. Share it with someone. Say something nice to someone. Tell your spouse how much you love them, give your kids a hug before they leave for school. No one at home? Tell someone on your walk to work to have a good day. Anyone can be a target for a compliment, or a polite greeting. The important thing about this one is you don’t just do it in the morning, you spread your positive attitude, and your happiness to everyone throughout the day.


Follow these ten simple tips during your morning routine, and you will feel happier and healthier each and every day.

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How do you start your day? Let us know in the comments.