The path may be crowded with trees and leaves…. but still you get to have a voice in the path when you vote.

Admist the election there is much emotion.  How to center yourself?  How to energize yourself?  Start the HappyIn21 challenge.  Whichever path you travel, wouldn’t it be better to travel the path with a sense of inner peace, inner happiness.  You need only vote for yourself!  Take matters into your own hands, own your own inner joy.  Sounds like utopia?  It isn’t – many have spent 21 days doing 5 simple things…. and their utopia became their reality.

We can’t always influence and control our outside world… but you CAN control and influence your inside world.  And when your inside world is joy… the rest looks pretty bright.

Two thing to do on November 8th… VOTE and start the HappyIn21Challenge!!!  I completed the challenge and on Nov 8th I am voting… and I am the poster child of a happy person :).

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