What is your light?


On my ride this weekend, I came about this tranquil scene.  I had to go through the tunnel, which on a horse can be a bit scary.  The beauty that awaited me, motivated me to take the risk.  Beauty, happiness, joy you control… it is worth a risk.

Some tunnels are short, some are long…. whichever they are… trust there is a light.  How can you know there is a light…. you make it.  With HappyIn21 challenge, you have the power to make your light.  You own it, you control it… you make it.

Take the challenge and share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this website – tell us #H21Challenge what day you are on.

Watch the video on Ted Talks…. Take the Challenge… it is easy and life changing.

H21Challenge – day 19!!!!!!

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