Cost of 530 minutes – 8.8 hours


How much is your time worth… $20/hour… $60/hour…$120/hour.  How much would you pay a counselor, a trainer, a spiritual advisor, a nutrionist….. more than you hourly wage * 8.8?

How much is happiness worth?  A new car…. $30,000; a new home… $300,000; a new motorcyle, bike, camera, boat, painting, …  it all has a price tag.  And how long does the happiness last.. a moment, a day, a week, a month??

What if you could spend 8.8 hours spread out over 21 days…  and the results would form the base for a happiness that last…… forever???

Take the 21 day challenge – read about it on this website, watch the Shawn Achor video.  A lifetime of happiness… priceless.


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