The Moment Is Up To You


It looks to be a life changing loving wonderful moment…. and it was!  But they made a choice to make it that happy.  Loving young couple… have been waiting 3 years+ to be united in marriage.  Waiting to share a home, a life, a future.  The big day is planned… a year in the making.  Beautiful celebration in nature, where they feel most at home and connected with the earth.  However…. mother earth has something else in mind… it rains, and rains, and is freezing and is windy… and more rain.  ALL DAY.

But…  it didn’t change a thing.  They have that inner joy and happiness everyone strives for, they own it, they have it.  The day from beginning to end was probably more wonderful because of the weather – it motivated everyone to put things in perspective.  That being… hey, in life… well things happen… so make a choice to enjoy the important thing.  For them, that day, that moment – it was about love. No matter the weather, everyone shivering all day, the wonderful rain that made everything new…. the day was utopia.

Want each of your days to be in your control?  Start the challenge – 21 days – and truth be told, you will start to feel the changes on day 3…. I did.


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